wierd mp3 act and can't flash it

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wierd mp3 act and can't flash it

Postby raven4d » Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:45 pm

hello ;

so i have this sony ns-11 128 mb mp3 player ,, which is originally Wilson .co .ltd !!!

when i plug it to usb , i can use it as a flash drive normally , the problem is that when i disconnect it it keeps about 2 seconds and then auto shutdown !

i tried to flash it with V43-SN320.fw as i saw the chip is atj2075 which is very similar to atj2085 but the MP3 Player Update Tool returning with "device not detected"

any help please

thank you
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Re: wierd mp3 act and can't flash it

Postby saxena_somya » Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:53 am

if u still have its original firmware then pls send it to me.
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