Can't determine: software or hardware problem

Support requests for wrong Fw uptading and ressurection of dead players.

Can't determine: software or hardware problem

Postby Jonson1974 » Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:12 am

Hi all.
A some time ago by mistake upload in my S1MP3 wrong FW.
My board ID "MP-683EGCFMV1 MAIN 05/09/09", but I upload fom file "MP-683EGCFMV1 MAIN 05-05-09 ATJ2051 (FULL).bin" (Mistake i one digit :( ).

As result player not turn on and in "ADFU mode" (when connected to PC).
First problem - I don't have a FULL image of original firmware. :(
The second (I think most big) problem - when try to upload firmware again (by "MP3 Player Update Tool" the same file width FULL image) progress bar showing approx. 50%, then pause 30-40 sec. and error message "Read or write device information failed! Please exit the program and check if device is connecting!". :(

Maybe it's hardware problem (width NAND flash)?
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Re: Can't determine: software or hardware problem

Postby saxena_somya » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:30 pm

Check ur chip for any removed solder. also try shortinf it first then upload the firmware.can u send me the firmware u later uploaded(the one which killed ur player)
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