MP4 Players ANYKA chip iPOD video like ** REPAIR GUIDE**

For Sigmatel chip based and others non-S1 players, such as ATJ2075-based. (NOTE: these are NOT S1 Players and the guides on this site will not help with these players)

MP4 Players ANYKA chip iPOD video like ** REPAIR GUIDE**

Postby sableroku » Sun Aug 26, 2007 5:13 am

severals months ago i posted a problem whit my MP4 iPOD Clone ANYKA Chip.

iPod Video like Model

If this looks like your player, well i have founded. a solution

I extracted the firmware using nothing but my hands.
well lets go to repair your player.

VERY IMPORTANT: some features, like camera, radio will be or not disabled, TRY WHIT THE FIRMWARES PROVIDED FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS,
but remember its better than nothing.

this is what you need in order to repair, to extract see the note below:

* USB cable (named "USB Line" too).
* full charge batery of the player (minimum 10 mins. conected to the power supply )
* Download this firmware.
OR THIS THANKS to LONTU for provifde. (best font, CAMERA, NES games enabled).
and be prepared to do it.

let´s start!
Notice: first your player must be "turn OFF".

1. Enter the "BIOS"

Firsts Hold MENU and connect the USB cable to the computer and the player.

then release MENU and press "PLAY" quickly.

If you do it well you should see this.
ok then press "REWIND"(left <<|) and "MENU" and "|>>"(right).

you should see this
(NOTE: some versions should see "Pres MENU to format, pres other key to use USB disk, or , not format"

in any case you should format!
Be prepare to lose everything in the player.

OK, if you failed,repeat all procedures, we need this (see image), calm down and everything will be OK, this MP4 player is very related to a computer itself, for that reason its very secure upgrade firmware.

OK Windows will detect it, but one unit will have 16 Mb of storage space, well, copy the following files of the firmware:

AKresData.bin (controllers)
Magic.bin (O.S. itself)
other files are optional.

then Release the player in secure form, restart it, and if you´re lucky, your player will be alive again!


/// ***************************************************///

New Model nGage like


first you will need
* Fimwares for try compatibles whit this model
Three (hight experimental)

* Battery charged its not needed for this model connect the USB cable and press UP, then jump to the step 5.
* USB cable
* Be very prepared for all.

Please use the reference images.
figure 1
figure 2
figure 3

Ok try this
(Use the Images to reference)

1 Press UP and POWER ... wait a little.

2 Release UP, and POWER

3 Press DOWN (The screen maybe blink, be careful but don´t worry if the player restart, repeat the step 1)

4 Connect the USB Cable

5 press UP and the player will be Formatted automatically in FAT32.

6 Copy the new firmware. (try with all the firmwares.)

7 press RESET

8 Turn on and Hold the POWER button for 3 Seconds

if works please let me know.

thanks for reading

FINAL NOTE:If you have a working player, please upload your fimware, we need it, for more compatibility

for extract the firmware, repeat the steps but DON´T FORMAT or your player will die, then if you do it well, copy the files mentioned and upload it!.
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Re: MP4 Players ANYKA chip iPOD video like ** REPAIR GUIDE**

Postby assassine333 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:19 am

i too has the same player and i didn't read this post before .as you described i put the player in the bios mode and two partation showed,but the problem is that i copied the wrong firmware in it and now the player got alive but the problem is that its keys has changed and i want to put it again in the bois mode to copy the correct firmware in it .but now as the keys are changed and now i am not able to go in the bios mode.The menu appearnce of the player is changed and nothing working properly and the played is not letting me to copy anything in it................
so please give me the solution of it as soon as possible.
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