Sigmatel vs s1mp3 functionality

For Sigmatel chip based and others non-S1 players, such as ATJ2075-based. (NOTE: these are NOT S1 Players and the guides on this site will not help with these players)

Sigmatel vs s1mp3 functionality

Postby windom » Sat Sep 01, 2007 3:55 am

I'd like to know some functionality differences between s1mp3 and Sigmatel-chipped players to add to these ones I have noted by using my new mp3 player (I have listed them as disadvantages of one type to the other)

Possible s1mp3 disadvantages to Sigmatel players:
-First played song start with volume increase from zero and makes fading when pressing Pause (my Sigmatel player plays and pauses the files with always constant volume).
-FM and voice recording with low quality (my Sigmatel player records in WAV format with excellent quality although the recorded files obviously occupy much disk space) but recordings can last a long time.
-Rewinding ends at the beginning of the file (in my Sigmatel player you can rewind from one file to the last part of the previous one).

Possible Sigmatel disadvantages to s1mp3 players:
-(edited 2007sep03 21:15Col) I found a way to play only a selected folder (trying to explain that it's a bit confusing), but the files of the folder can only be played in an infinite loop (a single playback of a folder is not possible).
-In order to store the favorite FM stations you must scan all and later erase the non-favorite stations.
-Less time for FM and voice recording (because of greater disk space needed for recorder files than s1mp3) but with highest quality.
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Re: Sigmatel vs s1mp3 functionality

Postby Zim_256 » Thu Dec 27, 2007 10:33 am

S1MP3 Disadvantages:
NO datasheets or tech documentation available (Sigmatel has datasheets, the SDK, Tech Sheets, Reference designs and application notes, all available)
Closed design (Sigmatel has the full SDK and the explained datasheet of wtfh is inside the chip, all known parts)
Locked firmware in new versions (ATJ209x) (It's still buggy to copy a Sigmatel firmware but it CAN be done, and the player's original FW cames in the supplied CD)
Can't extract the new firmwares
Nobody knows what the chips have inside, thus nobody can program the DSP, modify the firmware, etc.
You have to open the player and short circuit the memory to get the player in ADFU recovery mode (With a STMP you just have to plug it with "play" pressed)

SIGMATEL Disadvantages:
Very few firmwares available on the net for a specific model if they don't have the CD included or the firmware inside the CD.
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