Will PCD8544 work with Sigmatel STMP35XX?

For Sigmatel chip based and others non-S1 players, such as ATJ2075-based. (NOTE: these are NOT S1 Players and the guides on this site will not help with these players)

Will PCD8544 work with Sigmatel STMP35XX?

Postby la_marmotta » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:54 pm

I want to modify an mp3 player and want to use a 48x84 pixel LPH7779 display from an old Nokia 3310, like the one here. Is it possible to connect one to a Sigmatel MP3 player?

Also, I want to buy a clone iPod shuffle to use as a basis for my project. Do these usually have Sigmatel or another brand chip?

Thanks :D
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