Sigmatel firmware 2.620.830

For Sigmatel chip based and others non-S1 players, such as ATJ2075-based. (NOTE: these are NOT S1 Players and the guides on this site will not help with these players)

Sigmatel firmware 2.620.830

Postby ggameboss » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:17 pm

OK i had a problem and i needed to put the firmware again.... and i didnt find it aniwhere and i talk with a guy from e-boda ( My mp3 player is E-boda Wygo Groove 2gb) and he gived me the firmware. I think im the first to put this version of firmware and i hope this will help you guys. OK now instruction on how to put this firmware.

-remove the battery
-press the play button and connect the usb while youre still pressing that button
-press the button for 15-20 seconds until the PC detects it (if he needs a driver you can find that in the archive i will give you)
-stop pressing the button and start Groove_NEW_Fara FM_1G.exe (you can find it in the archive)
-check "format data area"
-whait thill in the box says "Ready" and then press "Start"
-close the program, put back the battery and start the player and finish :)...
Im sorry if you cant understand because my english kinda sucks :)) glad if someone thinks this topic is helpfull

This is the archive with all the files ... NO_FM.html
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