Automatic STMP3500, Help Needed!

For Sigmatel chip based and others non-S1 players, such as ATJ2075-based. (NOTE: these are NOT S1 Players and the guides on this site will not help with these players)

Automatic STMP3500, Help Needed!

Postby rascard2007 » Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:46 pm

a friend of mine came with a dead MP3 player, when I connected to the PC windows automatically identifies the player as STMP3500 Player Recovery Device, and mounted it as occult in the USB devices list. So I assumed that it´s a Sigmatel MP3 Player

Any attempt to work with it using MP3 player tools or MP3 Product Tools have failed because they didn´t find the device connected to the PC.

How can I solve this problem and recover the player?

thanks in advance,


teh chips are:

Hynix - hy27ut08802 y STMP3503
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