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Postby IxH4xx0rzXi » Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:39 pm

*cough* *cough*


Hello people-with-so-low-budgets-that-they-can't-buy-real-MP3-players, I'm Ix H4xx0rz Xi, but you can call me H4x. (Sorry for the leet name, I couldn't come up with anything better and I don't want to use my "real" nickname.) I'm a 16 y/o male residing in Switzerland with insan3 1337 m4th sk1llz and speaking Serbian, German, Swiss German, French and English fluently. As you may have noticed, I'm a Grammar Nazi. (So if you need translations or spelling checks, just pm me.)

Somewhere in 2007, I think, my sister gave me her broken MP3 player - I've been mainly using it as a thumbdrive ("OMG 1GB@@@ TYTYTY ILYSM <3 <3 <3") because it was, well, broken. Then, a few weeks ago, that little cheap music player thingy caught my attention - I'll explain later why (in a few weeks maybe, it's a project I'm working on). After hours of googling, I finally found the main website - I KNEW that there was someone who wastes their time playing around with old MP3 players. I was surprised to find a whole community of professional coders. (What, aren't y'all coders?) I had never heard the term "S1mp3" before, imagine how hard it was to find the site ("old mp3 player" "mp3 player flash drive" etc.).

I've downloaded some of the tools, dumped the firmware and began editing a few .bmps. Other than that, I have some experience with C++ (I've mainly been making calculators) and will have a lot of time on my hands for the next week or so to learn new stuff.

My goal is to make the S1mp3 be able to display text on the whole screen - just like an ebook reader. Don't ask me why, you'll know it soon enough...

(Nevermind the title. >=/ STUPID ADMINS@@@!!11!11!!one1!!)
If you want to tell me something, don't use broken English. If you don't speak English, use Google to translate your messages.

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