Only playing 4 seconds of video,, ???

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Only playing 4 seconds of video,, ???

Postby Comzee » Fri May 04, 2007 6:26 pm

Ok, I just got an mp4/mp3 player that plays AMV's as well.
I have the AMV converter version 4.05.
For some reason when I convert an AVI video to AMV using the converter, it plays fine on my computer, but when I put it on my mp4 player it only plays 4 seconds of the video. WTF.

Here is some info about the conversion.

The AVI video I'm trying to convert is 24.04 minutes long. It's a Bleach episode number 124. I think it's encoded with DivX.

Now heres the important info which I think might be screwing it up.
When in the AMV Converter, there is a box called "fragment info".
It has four sections. S.time, R.time, E.time, and T.time.
If anybody could tell me what those mean that would be great. Anyways,
When I load the AVI video to be converted it puts these numbers in the "Fragment info" box.

S.time = 0:00
R.time = 24:04
E.time = 24:04
T.time = 24.04

I don't know if those times are correct or not. Any help why the video will only play for 4 seconds on my mp3/mp4 player, would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I also think it might be a repeat option or maybe a system setting on my player, I don't know, again thanks for help in advance.
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Postby windom » Sun May 27, 2007 1:20 am

First select a video to convert. Then at the right of the "fragment info" part press the gear which leads to "settings". On "Screen width and height" select 160x120, yes, the smallest size cause it seems to be the most common screen size of the mp4 players (I recently bought one which brand is Premier, I had the same trouble with videos and that single screen size change solved it).

(added 2007may31) Try another version of MP3 Player Utilities, I could finally make readable 160x120-size videos by changing from version 4.04 to 4.00.
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