Announcement.. command-line based enhaced AMV encoder

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Announcement.. command-line based enhaced AMV encoder

Postby ZeNiTRaM » Wed Aug 15, 2007 2:21 pm


I bought a MP4 player last week, and I've been looking at the AMV encoder included. It doesn't perform so well while resizing the video by itself, so after experimenting I found a better way than the usual way (transcoding to the target resolution using VirtualDub and then recoding to AMV): using AviSynth to frameserve the AMV encoder.

Doing it this way, videos can be converted to any resolution AMV with a smoother quality (as Avisynth does all the resizing work and applies a sharpen filter; it can also be used for subtitles).

But I thought.. why not making the whole encoding process automatic? So I tried to find information on the AMV codec to, at least try, to make a encoder, but I found nothing.

And then an idea came to my brain.. why not using the existing AMV encoder, AMVtransform? So after some ResHacking, and some PHP code (using AutoITX) I created this..


It's a tool called AutoAMV composed by two programs:
-AutoAMV itself. This is a command-line based application (coded on PHP). It opens the movie file, creates the Avisynth script, and opens and interacts with the other part..
-AMVEncCore. This is the name for the modified version I made of AMVtransform. All the buttons, video preview, etc AMVtransform had have been removed. AutoAMV does everything, clicks all the non-existant buttons, sets all the settings, starts encoding, and checks for the encoding result. You don't have to click anything. It's all done automatically.

So, this tool (that makes AMV batch encoding easier) will be released as soon as I finish it. :roll:
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Postby SAZAR » Sat Aug 18, 2007 6:41 pm

Hey, that's very nice!

Say, did you try it on DVD video files (.vob)?
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