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Posts that does not follow these rules are going to be deleted, or moved to "trashed" category.

If you are going to ask a question, remember that we are not "tech support". We donate some of our time to help people that we judge that deserve help. Keep in mind that no one here has the obligation so solve your "URGENT!!!" issue.

Post that does not follow these rules are useless, and only make we loose time by reading the same thing over and over, while we could be doing other things useful for the project. If you would like the project to grow, read with attention :

1. CATEGORY: DON'T POST in the wrong category. Specially if you want to post a support request! Posting in multiple categories is not an acceptable substitute for choosing the right one.

2. READ BEFORE ASKING: DON'T POST on "support" category without reading and trying the procedures on the dead recovery guide with attention.

3. MAKE SURE YOU READ BEFORE ASKING: DON'T POST asking question before reading the FAQ - frequently asked questions and the User guide.

4. EXPLAIN YOUR PROBLEM: If you have a problem, post your DOUBT/PROBLEM, and why the dead recovery guide/faq does not apply.

5. DON'T ASK FIRMWARES: DON'T POST on "support" category asking for firmwares. All the firmwares we have are on the firmware archive, and all know working are on the firmware download page. People CAN'T help you on the hunt. Only you got your player and can test if a firmware works or not.

6. MEMORY ISSUES : DON'T POST about problems with memory, such as decreased memory, half of the memory working, etc. BEFORE reading about the memory issue.

7. DON'T HIJACK TOPICS, by posting your problems on random topic. Post it on a related topic or create a new one.

8. USE ENGLISH : DON'T POST in languages other than English. Posts in other languages are going to be IGNORED.

9. MAKE RELEVANT TOPIC TITLES : When posting a new topic, make sure you use a relevant topic. Posting "See this problem plz" or "Request for help" isn't much useful.

10. BE CONSTRUCTIVE : If you post outside the "support" category, we expect your post to be somehow constructive. Please make consistent requests and critics, report undocumented things, point new information ... if you follow this you will help SWAN project to grow.

11. NO PORN ADVERTS PLEASE : If you want to get the most from our support team, beyond following the rules, a nice document that explains how to make a good question can be found here.

12. Free BSD Documentation License Any content of this forum may be used on the wiki, under the Free BSD Documentation License, so, while posting, know that your information will be considered under this license, if you don't say anything against on your post.

Thanks and have a nice posting time! 8)
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