S1 player with no branding!!

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S1 player with no branding!!

Postby Tylerwatt12 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 7:33 am

Hello ive got a player that has no good information.
Let me start by saying that i bought it at inkstop and when i turn it on it says vuescape. Thats about it. There are also some firmware versions and stuff.
The memory chip: samsung 722. K9l4g08u0m
firmware chip: atj2091
board info(located near the lcd) tch.b824sub_v4 22/08/2007
then board info on the main board says what the lcd board says except instead of sub it says main
also its blue and is 2gb and has no radio chip
i also noticed that there are no pins near the battery for that interface thingy
and finnaly there is no dc=dc on the main board

my question:
i was trying to dump my dirmware and it didnt work it stopped right in the middle and it only made the .bin file
i also tried upgrading the firmware it also stopped in the middle of upgrading and wouldnt work.
So whats the problem
do i have to short out the pins to get it to work again?
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