memory chip gone for ever?

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memory chip gone for ever?

Postby Beotian » Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:52 pm


At first glance, my thread may sound a bit off topic: indeed, I own no mp3 player, only a regular USB-flash-memory-stick of 4 GB, brand EMTEC, which I broke accidentally, or at least, I fear so.

I am absolutely not versed in electronics, which is the reason I’m posting here, and also because, AFAIK, S1mp3 players also possess an Integrated Circuit & Memory Chip. And that’s precisely what’s problematic in my case...

What do you think of the following:

After my stick ceased to be accessible under XP (but still recognized as a drive), I opened the case, extracted the chipset and connected it “bare-handed” (i.e. my fingertips squeezing the IC) to my computer (which was under tension), which led the stick to be recognized first as a simple USB-device, and finally... to be no more recognized at all (on all Win-PCs machines I tried, and, no, there’s no LED on it).

--> Short-circuit? Irremediable damage of the Memory Chip? Or is there a glimpse of hope in order to recover my data?

I’ve read of course the “Dead Recovery Guide” : does the described procedure (“without the batteries, with a flat screwdriver, touch 2 or more of any of the 8 IO legs of the memory chip. Then, KEEP the screwdriver shorting the pins, and connect the player to the USB” — besides, what is meant by “shorting pins”??? and what are “IO legs” i’m not a native english-speaker...) apply?

Furthermore, the link seems to be dead...

MANY thanks in advance for your answers & tips.
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Re: memory chip gone for ever?

Postby Schopf » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:08 am

Shorting pins means you have to create a "short" between 2 pins. You should put 2 pins in contact to each other using some metal, like a flat screwdriver.

IO legs are pins from IO part of circuit.
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Re: memory chip gone for ever?

Postby Beotian » Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:03 am

IO like Input/Output, I guess. How can I find Input/Output locations on the board?

I don’t feel very comfy with this whole short-circuit thing, as I’m precisely afraid a previous one might have caused the loss of my data. Won’t it harm the memory chip??? (again, I’m not skilled in electronics).
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Re: memory chip gone for ever?

Postby 123discount » Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:25 am

Hi, their are some key feature of I/O boared

    8 analog 10 bit resolution inputs: 0…5 or 10VDC / 20kohm
    8 analog 8 bit resolution outputs: 0…5V or 10VDC / 47ohm
    8 digital inputs: open collector compatible (connection to GND=0) with on board LED indication
    8 digital open collector outputs (max. 50V/100mA) with on board LED indication
    one 10 bit PWM output: 0 to 100% open collector output (max 100mA / 40V) with on board LED indication.
    general response time: 4ms per command
    USB Port: 2.0 and 1.1 compatible (USB cable included)
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