Duplicated files/no acces with tool MP3UtilitiesDisk/s1fwx

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Duplicated files/no acces with tool MP3UtilitiesDisk/s1fwx

Postby tausendherz » Thu Jul 05, 2007 6:24 pm

Hello, i need help.

i got a 4GB ipodnano-clone and from first time on i got troubles.
now i found this forum, with some solutions and tools. But everything i tried doesnt work.
Do you have any idea what to do now?

here a list of what i can do / do not with the player.
+++ positives:
i have Access via Windows-Explorer to S1MP3
i can create and delete folders and files on S1MP3 connected to my computer and copy mp3-files to my S1mp3
i can format it with win xp.

- negatives:
1. player duplicates the music files that i add to it.
2. not all folders / files on the players are shown
3. after playing some music for a while also the windows explorer shows duplicated files/folders
4. i have no Access with "MP3 Utilities Disk Tool" -> Errormessaage: "Not detected removable disk!"
5 i have no Access with tool s1fwx.exe v3.2 -> after "scan for devices..." comes errormessage "no device found"

therefore the tools are not working so i see no hope to "heal" it

Players firmeware information:
2006/09/12 9.0.48
2006/10/20 ACT2091_S75_SZG

can you please HELP ME. lots of Thanks.
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Postby Banana » Thu Jul 05, 2007 7:59 pm

Those are typical symptoms of hacked memory. Try this (use more recent Mp3 Utilities Tool - found on page below):
http://www.mympxplayer.org/how-to-remov ... t2400.html

What memory chip do you have (it's either a Samsung or Hynix chip).
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Postby Zim_256 » Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:16 am

Try to format it with the "HP removable disk format tool", download it from the Hewlett Packard website.
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