And Again... Format Error...

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And Again... Format Error...

Postby Neetzow » Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:24 am

I have this Foston MP3 Player. It wwas functioning perfectly for almost one year...

These days, i have moved some new music to it, and then i have the disgusting experience to see the "FORMAT ERROR" message... the most strange thing, is that the 2 first musics are functioning well, but from the 3rd to the end, the error message shows up! The old musics are still running well too...

I can listen to these musics with no problem in my WMP.

They all are in WMA format.

There is a box near to the "Play/Pause status box", the one wich shows the format, and a number above it. In the musics with the Format Error message, the number is "000"...

Any clue of what is going on??? someone have an idea of what i can do about it?

I already have tried to format the MP3, in FAT, and i haven't any success...

By the Way, thank You for any help!

With My Best Wishes, Mário Cardoso.
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Re: And Again... Format Error...

Postby milad » Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:34 am


try mp3 for all file because some firmware can't read higher version of wma like 9.2

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