my 2Gb S1 mp3 player...

Post here if you have problems with decreased memory or formatting problems.

my 2Gb S1 mp3 player...

Postby nelly » Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:38 am


I've got few questions about formating and updating the firmware for my mp3 player.

I had exactly the same m3 player few months ago, but I had a lot of problems with it. Icluding formating and also memory blockade (it saw 1Gb out of 2Gb only). Also there was something wrong with the memory itself because I couldn't have listened to songs (they were looped in a one moment like on an old vinyl disk and didn't go further).

I gave that mp3 player back to the shop and received a new one. Exactly the same. So now FIRST I want to ask about few things than suffer again with that kind of problems I had before.

My MP3 player is detected as S1 MP3 Player 2Gb, prod.: Winston Co. Ltd., firmware: 9.1.51

My questions are:

1) How to format it? Using the original software (attached to the mp3 player on a CD)? Or look for another software?

The format program attached to the mp3 player (MP3 Player Disk Tool) is really simple. There are only few options like: the kind of format (quick, full, low) and things about dividing in particions and also another bookmark with "Particion and Encrypt". There's nothing about choosing the way of formating (FAT 16 or FAT 32. I heard it must be FAT 16). So which option shall I sellect? Full? Quick? Low? I don't want my MP3 player to decrease its capacity.

If I can use the original software attached on the CD, please tell me step by step what to sellect to format it well?

2) Is that firmware update necesary? Or better not to do it? (I heard about cases that after updating the MP3 player didn't work anymore).

3) How to cancel the memory blockade if it's there after the formating? (remembering my previous MP3 player it was there). Don't know what kind of memory it has, but I suspect Samsung. Inside the MP3 player, under the battery, I've got only writting: 2048 Mb, Qc pass.

4) There were 2 samples of songs on this MP3 player, coppied there by a salesman. I deleted them and after the second deletion my MP3 player turned off and rebooted. Is it normal? (my previous MP3 player was rebooting itself very often, even if I moved to previous song, so I'm worried about this new one).

I don't want my second MP3 player broken again so
I'll be grateful for your help.

Best regards,
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