Undetectable device

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Undetectable device

Postby Deiblor » Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:31 am

Ok, I bought a 2 gb mp3 player and I've been using it normally for like a month or so.

Yesterdey when I was trying to put more songs in it, I noticed that one folder (that I made) had himself inside of it like 5 times(F:/1x/1x/1x/1x/) and inside of the first one there was the whole content of the memory (all my songs inside the F:/1x/1x) over and over again, wich was consuming a lot of memory, so I decided to erase the whole folder and all the subfolders inside of it. As result, when I tried to delete, I got a warning of an undelateable file so I pressed cancel, but it was late. I unplugged the device from my comp and when trying to listen to it, it got stuck a the Music option "Waiting.." screen.

I tried to plug it in again, but this time, my comp would only recognised it as an external memory, but I couldn't open it (F:/) to browse the content, gave a warning of "damaged device" or something.

Now I can't browse the device on my comp, nor I can enter the Music folder in my mp3. I can access the recorder, options, FM, and the extra stuffs in the mp3, but when I try to enter in the music folder, it just get stuck on the "Waiting.." screen.

I upload some pics of the mp3 . The firmware version is

Thanks in advance
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