Have I been conned?

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Have I been conned?

Postby Catweazle » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:44 pm

I bought a Nano Clone off Ebay - supposedly 4GB
I have been using it happily for a few months, but then I loaded it up for my holiday and after a day, it froze. All I have is a blue screen with an hourglass on it.
My PC stopped recognising it, but after editing my AdfuUpdate.inf file I was able to see it in s1clone and I saw the following info:

v9 device detected
giveio version 3.0
flash chip A514D3AD "HYNIX/SAMSUNG 1024MB (LBF)" (protected=0)

Does this mean it's a 1GB player, not 4GB?
Did it fail because I loaded more than 1GB on it?
Where do I go from here? Format the drive? New firmware?
Chip details are (I think):
AK1025 7L00AB 0L9

Thanks for any help / advice...
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