Not one problem , two problems

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Not one problem , two problems

Postby next » Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:17 pm

i have a problem with 2 mp3 players.
The first one is a 't-logic' trade mark. a few days ago it was working.i had 200 mb of music on it, and i put 500 mb more.When i wanted to listen to this music ,the mp3 player was reading with errors[music of 1 second or of 54 minutes......and the title was wrote with'chinesse letters']. at home i tried to format the mp3,and i think it didn worked.i tried once over and it showed me the mesagge 'windows was unable to complete format' and after that the mesagge 'drive..i.. cannot be formated' .at proprietes it shows me that the file sistem is RAW?? and it shows me that it has 0 bytes memory.if i turn it on it sais that no files are on it.the memory chip is a samsung.On device manager it is recognised as a usb mass storage device,, but before it was read as a flash drive with mp3 player.
The oder is a 'digital quest' trade mark.Basically,it has the same problem, but in doesnt turn on.the memori chip is toshiba. when i put it on usb on the lcd it apears the mesagge 'usb'.
which of them i can save?
thanks a lot....
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