How do I know what firmware is needed ?

Post about the firmware you have and the fatures they got. Please, don't ask for firmware files!

How do I know what firmware is needed ?

Postby Randy_Bell » Sun May 16, 2010 8:36 pm

I have an inexpensive player I got for twenty bucks {$20} at Newegg, a Centron digital MP3 player which, when I click on "Version" under the SYS menu, says:


with some sort of Bar Code sitting above that ? What does this mean ? Can I get a firmware upgrade for this ? The Player WORKS FINE BUT I cannot find a way to make it go into Shuffle Mode ? I WOULD LIKE TO GO INTO SHUFFLE MODE, if I possibly can ?

It is possible that THERE IS A WAY to GO INTO SHUFFLE MODE, with the present firmware ? But I cannot find a way, to save my life ? Btw guys, I am an American, I hope you can stand me here ? I won't try to bomb Iraq or do anything sinister while I am here, ok ? THAT IS Weak Attempt at HUMOR, admins, I hope that does not get me in trouble ? :P :) :D

Warmly and Thanks,
-- Ran
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