If you can not use any longer your ak1025

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If you can not use any longer your ak1025

Postby Mihail_B » Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:17 pm

AK1025 - new OS for the ones who are unable to recover

Hello there.... !!!
Well I've destroied my old firmware in an atempt to modify it !
There were nothing to do ... it was dead ...
No tool was able to help ...

So I started to build up my own OS and a x86 OS Loader (that loads/installes/copyies files to mp4/debuge/etc)

The sources of S1FWX, S1close, s1res, s1sdk and other were my primary source of information

My project can be found at : [url]http://electronz80.sourceforge.net[url]
The latest distribution file is called OSAK1025_v4.zip

NOTICE: 1)the x86 os loader is based upon WiRe's giveio.cpp (see folder trunk at his web page)
it was converted by to freebasic32
2) I would've never been able to do anything with out s1mp3.org and their hardware info
3) the display driver is actually the code of the boot sector adapted to my needs (original boot secotor is (C) Actions Semi)

The os was written in C++ and asm (I used as C compiler SDCC and as an assembler z80asm (the one that comes with s1fwx)

Requires :
- mp4 player : AK1025
- flash : samsung 512MB
- LCD : 128*160pixels 16bit color
-libusb driver for mp4 handleing [it's being installed by s1clone installer] . S1clone installer is included in the osak1025_v4.zip; it can be found at : www.s1mp3.de

Installation :
- unzip osak1025_v4.zip somewhere
- install wire's s1clone from the unziped folder
- test s1clone (if your mp4 is working and you really want to try osak1025 do a backup with s1clone)
- start giveio_bas.exe (unziped_folder/diverse/giveio_bas.exe) - this will help you FORMAT/BACKUP your flash and then install OSAK1025 to it !
- after installation quit giveio_bas.exe
- start again giveio_bas.exe - select [load osak1025]
- know your mp4 will act like a console : you can type letters using your PC's keyboard and see result on the mp4's lcd
there are a lot of commands (type help or press f1)
- to make your player act autonomus press F3 (bootos)
- your mp4 is now stand-alone ... use play to ente the mai menu; in the main menu use MENU button to select and left/right to navigate
- select your application inside main menu

Features :
- it can create a filesystem on flash (EFS) , copy file/multiple files, delete, etc
- it can install OS's files to mp4
- it can make your MP4's display act like a DISPLAY for your computer; it also has a command promt such that you can write commnads and see result on MP4's player LCD
- it can send/receive data from ports
- many other things (open source - source files are included inside the zip)
- tools need to create gr4,pg4 images (converts bmps to gr4/pg4 ; the viewer needs this conversion to be done)
- tools for efs directory manipulation
- NC, Midnight Commander like navigator for EFS

- it is stand alone : once loaded to mp4, you can deconnect mp4 and use the mp4 alone
- view text file
- navigate the filesystem (EFS - electronfilesystem)
- view RAW files (16bit color & monochrome)
- view image files (gr4,pg4, - gray scale / 16 colors ) of any size multiple of (128*160)
The viewer can scroll the image, enter in standby (switch the MCU freqency to a low value, and disables the LCD)
- run files
- mp4 keyboard (6 buttons :o ) driver
- applications :
- text viewer
- calculator
- raw image viewer
- solitare game (it's working !)
- disassembler (runs on the mp4 as a stand alone application)
- image viewer (gr4, pg4, etc) with scrolling capabilities
- raw flash viewer
- charge electric field simulator (displays the electric field gradient between 2/3 charges )
- modules :
- bootloader (works but it can not be booted yet by the Mp4 because I do not now the ECC algorithm used by mp4's ROM BIOS)
- kernel osak1025.0 (osak1025.asm) : multiplication, division,modulus, text mode function, graphix init, keyb init
- flash func module
- graphix module
- floating pointe module (not working)
- text menus module
- mem allocation module
- navigator module
- some others see sources

there's a lot to talk about it !
it dedicated to this site & wire.
If you have any problem please mail me at : mbarboi@home.ro

best regards from Zdupy aka (mihai barboi, romania, Europe)
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