What to do if your post appears here...

Posts that has been moved to here don't follow the Forum Rules ... If you edit them to comply with the rules, they may be moved back to the main forum

What to do if your post appears here...

Postby ian_hawdon » Sun Feb 26, 2006 9:23 pm

If your post has appeared here, it is most probably because it has not followed the forum's rules:

I have included them here again:

The Rules from Wladston's post wrote:Posts that does not follow these rules are going to be deleted, or moved to "trashed" category.

1. CATEGORY: DON'T POST in the wrong category. Specially if you want to post a support request!

2. READ BEFORE ASKING: DON'T POST on "support" category without reading and trying the procedures on the dead recovery guide with attention.

3. MAKE SURE YOU READ BEFORE ASKING: DON'T POST asking question before reading the FAQ - frequently asked questions

4. EXPLAIN YOUR PROBLEM: If you have a problem, post your DOUBT/PROBLEM, and why the dead recovery guide/faq does not apply.

5. DON'T ASK FIRMWARES: DON'T POST on "support" cateogry asking for firmwares. All the firmwares we have are on the firmware archive, and all know working are on the firmware download page.

6. MEMORY ISSUES : DON'T POST about problems with memory, such as decreased memory, half of the memory working, etc. BEFORE reading about the memory issue.

7. DON'T HIJACK TOPICS, by posting your problems on random topic. Post it on a related topic or create a new one.

8. USE ENGLISH : DON'T POST in languages other than english. Posts in other languages are going to be IGNORED.

9. MAKE RELEVANT TOPIC TITLES : When posting a new topic, make sure you use a relevant topic. Posting "See this problem plz" or "Request for help" ins't much usefull.

10. BE CONSTRUCTIVE : If you post outisde the "support" category, we expect your post to be somehow constructive. Please make consistent requests and critics, report undocumented things, point new information ... if you follow this you will help SWAN project to grow.

Thanks and have a nice posting time! 8)

If you change you question (you can ALWAYS edit you own post by clicking the "Edit" button) then it will be moved back into the main forum.

If you think the post was legitament and follows the rules then PM an admin.

Remember, about 80% of the posts we get have already been answered here (EDIT: well that is just a guess :wink:), why don't you try searching the forum, main page or wiki before posting :D
Who is General Error and why is he reading my hard drive? :D

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