atj2093h. samsung chip

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atj2093h. samsung chip

Postby kravelic » Thu Dec 28, 2006 10:59 pm

hi, i have a brand new mp4 that i bought at xmas(recieved it on the 23 dec, broke it by the 26 dec)im trying to find the firmware for this chip,ive taken my player to bits and this is the information i extracted from the inside. samsung chip is 613 k9mbg08u5m ,on the left side kgm136f0-0821-sl6258 b-kpd681311 11 10-w on the right side w-klm123a01, b-06814/a7 nothing taken off the battery. please if anyone can make sense of all this information please post it in the forums or pm me,been looking through the posts on this site for a few days now ,but no answers. thanks all.

Edit: Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:43 pm

hi,i have had a little success since my last post using mp3 utility 4.07(on this site)then updating with 9xxx firmware "full_version_1.5_lcd_9.0.48.this has only recovered it to a flash disk state so far but its better than a dead player. __also used 9.0.50 firmware after this with same result (black light screen,with flash disk usage only) just waiting now for a better fw to be uplaoded to this site,surely its just a matter of time. thanks so far
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black light screen after F/W upgrade on a corrupted original

Postby clay106686 » Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:05 am

I have pretty much the exact same problem as everyone else apparently. I bought my mp4 (4gb supposively) and was working fine, minus the random shut down from time to time but I could live with that. But on my way to class the other day i was messing around with it and scrolled to the firmware upgrade on the player. I pressed the menu button to activate the upgrade command on the player. then received the 'disk error' once I tried to go back to my music folders. So after spending hours online reading forum after forum, along with de-assembling the player to figure out what chipset and exact model of the player,that's when I figured that i should use the "full_version_1.5 LCD 9.0.48" version of firm ware found on "" website. well I uploaded that to the player, then the upgrade software exited after a successful upgrade, and now I have a black light screen on the player. I read other forums with this same problem. So I formated my player via windows explorer, and tried uploading the same firmware again, still have a black-light-screen. So as of now, I have a MP3 player-looking flash drive. This sucks. If anyone ever firgures out how to get the original firmware working on their player again, please drop this kid a line, it would be greatly apprecitated. I read also that I might need the "full.bin" along with the just the "dump.bin"...does this make any sence to anyone?? thanks
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