mp4 no music and switching of

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mp4 no music and switching of

Postby larsson » Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:22 pm

hi, i bougt a mp4 player from the internet there is no name on the mp4 it is the type with 2 small speakers and 2 ear phones connections and is small and square, thr problem is when i went to put songs on the mp4 they didnt down load, i think may be i put to much songs onto the mp4 and it switched its self off. so when is switch the mp4 player back on and hit the music page there is a small clicking sound and then the welcome sign comes up and thats all, you do not get the music home page , i opened it up and the biggest chip and the numbers on the chip are samsung646,k9g8go9um0,pcb0. and the middle chip atj209in,fb857db,cbe and the small chip tea5767,vce h30, 07,dpgo 5102. i hope someone can give me a bit of advice thank you... :cry:
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