Player gone, but Happy Ending

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Player gone, but Happy Ending

Postby rd62 » Wed May 02, 2007 3:21 pm

Hi, initiators and readers of
I the attempt of recovering a nearly dead player, I discovered this lovely place and have been reading and reading it for over the last tree weeks with much pleasure. Because there is so much information already there, I was determined not to post anywhere but in the "successful restored players"-section.
The faulty S1mp3 in question is a little more than one year old now and has hardly ever been used, since it was lost soon after it had been purchased. When it submerged after nearly a year, it showed no more than the "reading... hourglass".
Faithfully I followed the instructions in the Dead recovery guide, and did lots of reading in the forum too. Because my player always showed up in ADFU mode, I tried recovering it with various tricks and combinations in an attempt to get fresh firmware in it again. With always the same reply from the updater: unknown flash type. Oh yes, before I forget: after my first attempt the "reading...hourglass" disappeared all together, leaving me with a blank screen, unlit.
Then I read the story of you guys (Mallu boy's post 10 Feb. 2006) installing new memory chips, and trying to read the device without the memory chip on it. Mallu's readout was the same as mine. So I decided one way or the other the mem.chip on my player was just not accessible. I opened it up again and checked for a faulty soldering, couldn’t find anything obvious, but one pin being somewhat a little paler than the others. So I pushed that one firmly down with a toothpick, and HOORAY, the "reading...hourglass" came back.
Happy as a kid in a candy store I plugged it into my laptop, ran the updater with the appropriate firmware, and voila: no more "unknown flash type" message anymore, just a perfect execution of the procedure.
And then disaster stroke: after 60 seconds (or so) the updater tells me: USB connection broken, followed by Windows telling me that I have disconnected a USB device. No I had not!, I hadn't touched anything, merely was sitting there with my arms crossed, all smiles from ear to ear.
Big sigh, In the mean while I had done enough reading here to know that there a few methods to permanently silence a S1mp3, but to run it over with a truck, or to disconnect it during an update.
I think what happened is that the temporarily fastened memory chip pin has become loose again during the update, and that if I had soldered it first, this mini-dramatic event would not have happened.
Anyhow, I am very pleased with the knowledge that I have learnt these past weeks, and with the warm feeling of solidarity and patience amongst the moderators and posters here. Again, thank you all.
The specs of the player were:
Standard S1mp3, 256Mb (HYNIX chip: HY27UH082G2M), no FM, no, monochrome blue LCD, branded "MPman", board ID MP-683EGCFMV1 MAIN 05-05-09 ATJ2051, purchased in Belgium august 2006 for aprox. 20 Euro.

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