Low volume problem on K9K8G08U0M

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Low volume problem on K9K8G08U0M

Postby EmaZan » Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:09 pm

Hi everybody, I'm argentinian and my english is pretty bad so sorry about that.
I have bought a S1mp3 player with a Samsung K9K8G08U0M 2gb chip.
The problem is the low volume of the player compared with my previous player (that looks equal at least by outside).
I have tried with many headphones and no one really work.
Is that a HW problem or a SW problem? Can I fix it updating the Firmware? wich firmware should I use?
Thank you.

PD: other problem is the backlight colors. In the menu isnt a way to take the backlight on in a static color as my previous player, It only have off and random colors. But it isnt really important to me.

One more time, sorry for the bad english, I hope you can understand me. Thank you.
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