Is my player junk?

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Is my player junk?

Postby kevnewcastle » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:15 am

Hi - I just got a black nano style ME2 Music Everywhere MP3 MP4 Player from Ebay.

It has an AK1025 chip in it. The other chip has "HYNIX" written on it.

The firmware is 9.1.52.

There are lots of problems.

1. Some of the folders I copy onto it don't appear in the device's interface when I'm trying to navigate through the folders on the device itself.

2. If I move folders around (via Windows XB) the device then shows "Empty Disk!"

3. When I navigate the folders on the device itself as I get to the top folder it becomes very slow and often times-out and returns to the Music screen.

Does anyone have any ideas if these problems can be fixed?


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