Faulty ZEN

Have you been scammed? Was it a memory issue, or was it a non functioning device, or even shoddy support? We want to hear from you... Tell us your experiences to make a profile of bad sellers!

Faulty ZEN

Postby t1optimus » Sun Mar 18, 2007 1:07 am

I purchased a 4GB ZEN Korean Technologies MP4 player. Plugged it into my PC and it only had 233MB available. I sent it back and got one that showed up as having 4GB. But all files put on it beyond 233 MB were unreadable.

I suggest that when anyone buys a player they fill the memory up and check to make sure the last files you put on it are functional.

The ebay seller was "skatecellar"

*BTW I purchased another 4GB player (falsely advertised as Apple Ipod OEM), and it does, indeed, have 4GB. I have filled it to capacity and played the files with no errors.
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