Display colours explained

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Display colours explained

Postby wladston » Wed Aug 24, 2005 5:57 pm

I found out in the manual of my newly purchased S1 Mp3 player, how the 7 display colours work, it may shed light on why some have pink and orange
the display has three leds:

these are combined to make

RED + GREEN --> YELLOW (equal strength LEDs) or ORANGE (red led stronger) or LIGHT GREEN (green LED stronger)
RED + BLUE ----> PURPLE (equal strength LEDs and blue LED stronger) or pink (red LED stronger)
GREEN + BLUE -> LIGHT GREEN (green LED stronger) or BABY BLUE (blue LED stronger) or LIGHT BLUE (equal strength LEDs)

and all toghether gives:
RED + GREEN + BLUE -> WHITE (-ish, overtone depending on strongest LED)

well, I hope this clears up the questionmarks surrounding the colours being different between players, although it's only a calculated guess of course.
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