Chinese mp3 player

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Chinese mp3 player

Postby britishgoose01 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:17 am

I bought 3 chinese 8gb mp3 players,cheap,spose they will make good presets to someone. Anyway it has not brand but it looks exactly same as Ipod Nano. Its firmware however is appauling. I cannot get the videos to work on it. Its strange, there ane not seperate folders for things like music and videos,except for 1 folder which says record ...for voice recording. So i have been experimenting,I have put many different types of image files in the E drive and when i check they work on the mp3 player. Also if i do this with music music works too. Ebooks however do not work,videos do not work. I have checked the properties and it says it is ACTIONS HS USB Devive. I have searched for new well newer firmware and I cant find any. The instructions I got with it were useless,explain nothing, I dont suppose anyone knows about this do they. Also am not sure which folder this should be in either so I have put it here
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