Pentagram Vanquish FM RT

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Pentagram Vanquish FM RT

Postby survivor1986 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:17 am

Hi there,

I've got the pentagram vanquish fm rt 512mb mp3 player/transmitter, and umm i've got a lot of problems lately it seems it's "dying" slowly:), first problems was the memory stuff, like jumping throgh songs automaticly while the songs plays itself (in the middle like, like the file was corrupted), then some problems with pc connection, it was disconnecting by itself or the file trasnfer process was unsuccesful, connection lost etc.... Then i noticed that I have to charge it for a day and then battery gets empty after some 2=3h only...:(
There is a built-in battery module and a built-in memory chip ... cant do much on my own:(

Present - connecting player to pc through usb cable, it "wakes up" and turns off after a sec, this is happening all the time.... when it wont turn of it starts to charge batter and... it charges till it disconnects again.... by itself....

i put the topic here cause i have multiple problems like memory, power, chip? in one...

btw. the player wasn't used for some 8 months before (i've lost the data cable and couldn't find any other on the net)... does this inflicts?

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