memory trick solved?

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memory trick solved?

Postby altean » Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:15 am

I finally took some time out to investigate further this memory phenomena.
I've taken a closer look at the addressing table of these hynix chips and found, that these chips have some redundant or spare memory blocks. looks like the manufacturers are using a diff cylinder formatting or address formatting on these chips involving these redundant or spare memory blocks making them behave like the old harddrive reformatting trick.
some of you might remember the infamous claims of some ppl back a few years ago when they reformatted a 40gig hd to an 80gig or even a 120 gig.
what really happened back then is that they wiped the bootsector and didn't do a complete format.
after that they have had managed to use a partitioning software like norton ghost to trick the harddrive into giving up the factory safe sectors what is used for data redundancy and data reallocation in case a drive develops bad sectors.
after formatting the drive like this would show like 100gig but the problems started when they wanted to write to the disk. since the built in hd selfrecovery program wanted to write to those areas what ghost already made available for windows they started to crash big time.
lets say you write like a 60 gig worth of data on a 40 gig drive, soon as a sector failed on the drive and the selfrecovery program wanted to use the spare sectors any data that was written by windows previously, got corrupted right away. so this way ppl kept losing data like there is no tomorrow.
I think these chinese guys did the same old inflated ballon trick with the spare memory blocks by using a diff memory addressing and making the flashchips showing the bits as bytes instead of the real thing.
anyways... usually if you format the nandflash it will show its real byte value.
sry for the extensive description but I think ppl should know what the heck is really going on.
hey.. they sold me a nanoclone as a 2gig unit.yeah! it was 2 gig allrite..2gigabit.
for me the chip was protected so I had to use a trick to have it erased properly, since it came up with 2 partition instead of 1.
now I have a 487mb useable area and no more friggin crashes lol. ;)
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MP3 Feak

Postby Alex » Mon Aug 07, 2006 11:45 am

A lot of chinese MP3 player are really a fake, they say that is for example 4G, but really it is 4Gbit and not 4GBYTE. It is courious, but they do a software trick, you think that you have a 4GB player because you see in the PC 4GB, and you can record on it a lot of songs and videos but when you try to access to it you can't! because it doesn't really exist. they do a mirror of the infomation and really you only can storage 256M in this case.

4Gbit is equal to 256MB. When you reformat it you see the real capacity.
IMPORTANT: don't lose your time: you can't do anything to arrange it because the max capacity is the real, in this case 256MB.

It's sad but it's really :cry: my friends. You have two possibilities: return your MP3 player (if you are lucky and you are able to do it) or buy a flash and to solder it.

Here you have some explanations about it: ... emory_chip

Here you have the answer directly from the chips manufacturer:

" Dear sir

we do apologize for late reply there may be some fake products using hynix chip in the market the maker make a software trick so this fake product seemed to have more density than it really should be. so you'd better contact the mp4 maker for complaint.

we can't help you to recover the initial density because it seemed to be software fake and original chip's density is 128MB.(HY27UF081G2M has 1Gb=128MB Density)

thank you.

regards hynix semiconductor "

The problem might be summed up this way ( keep in mind that the manufactuer is playing on the public ignorance of the following ):

..."The issue is BYTE versus BIT. 1 byte= 8 bits. So 1 byte has 8x as much capcity as 1 bit.

I hope this help you.

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Postby oidee » Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:39 pm

It doesn't be a GB-Gb conversion problem... It's very much complex.

I think that it is related with the use of redundant or spare memory blocks. or the use any compression method...

My chinesse MP4 had 2 GB and now it has 1 GB (I have stored and read 1'5 GB correct data on it several times). But now it has only 1 GB...

Please help us!!!
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