Unknown player PLUS problems

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Unknown player PLUS problems

Postby mehluli » Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:46 am

The name in front is TORQ, I've searched all over the net for it cant find it.
Its firmware is:
Ver: 9.1.51

1. When I connect it to computer, the computer does not realise anything connected.
2. It switches on and I can play music, Fm, Record voice.
3. However, when I disconnect it from the computer it switches off, and when I try to switch it on it says battery LOW and switch off.
4. Some menu inside is "ONLINE MODE" and with 3 options, namely; Normal, Encrypted, and Multiple drive. I've tried to play around with that hoping it will get detected but nothing.

I got it from a friend and no manual no nothing, simple because they are not that technical and got bored easily hence threw it away.

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