S1FWX can't find my device, starts charging

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S1FWX can't find my device, starts charging

Postby cashay » Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:04 pm

1. Bought this mp5 player from ebay, its a 16gb touchscreen vid/mp3 player:

2. I go to settings->system information and I see this:
Manufacturer: blank
Product name: RK27SDK
Major version ID: 1.2
Hardware ID: 080422

Here's what I did:
1. plug in device via usb
2. usb transfer mode is shown on my device
3. windows detects new removable drives and displays it on my computer screen
4. there are two removable drives, 1 is root of device, other is inaccessiable
5. i start extract.bat and it looks for devices
6. as soon as it starts looking for devices, my device (which is still hooked up via usb) starts charging and the charging symbol appears on it and the removable drives dissapear in my computer, also the little sound windows makes when you disconnect a usb drive happens
7. now s1fwx cannot find any devices

I thought it was because my battery was too low, so I fully charged it but same thing keeps happening. I thought it was windows xp so i tried on vista, but same thing happens. I thought it was usb port, so i switched ports. I thought it was usb cable so i switched cables...

I've run out of ideas on how to overcome this problem. I want to use your s1fwx program to extract my firmware, but how can I overcome this problem where your program keeps sending it into charge mode, causing me never to find the device and use your program at the same time! :(
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