2" 2GB <D-Wave 9830> <S1 mp3 player 9.0.50>

Post here if you have this device. Let's unite! Let's know each other! :)

2" 2GB <D-Wave 9830> <S1 mp3 player 9.0.50>

Postby Kadano » Sat Feb 24, 2007 8:58 pm

So, this is about a player I bought in eBay (in this shop it's available for mainly Germany, but also whole Europe):
The Shop
The mp3/4-Player
Some better images:

When I run this upgrade program, it says it's a 9.0.50 S1 mp3 player by Wilson Co. Ltd.
It has 1.88GB free space, and all functions as described. I'm very happy with it, and everybody who lives in Germany or Austria should take it, because it is really as described.
I looked around in google, and the same player is also sold as "D-Wave 9830".
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Postby Sersoft » Fri May 04, 2007 10:34 pm

it's also the Uxcell Glacier and the Evolve Dream mp4 and I have the nameless Ebay one, if you have an atj2093 i can submit my vista theme for it :D
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Postby Kadano » Sat May 05, 2007 1:51 pm

Yes, I was very glad about that :D
although I hate Microsoft and Windows (Vista)...
But I think, better a vista theme than standard theme (I don't think the standard theme is ugly or so but... it gets boring fast)
What do you mean by "atj2093"? Dunno what this is...
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Postby pedrotuga » Thu May 31, 2007 4:57 pm

I have the exact same and so far i am satisfied with it. I don't use it thaaat much, though.
It matches 100% the descriptions on ebay, uxcell, etc. Still, while using it it's very noticeable that it's not a branded player. Still i don't think it worth to spend money on a branded one at all as they cost a fortune for the small features they come with.

I would like to try a new firmware and a couple of applications but to be honest, i am not willing to spend much time tweaking it.

I will not post more pictures as kadano already posted very descriptive pictures.

I will though, check around on this forums for a proper video converter as the one shipped makes the videos a bit smaller than a screen.
Also, watch out, mu anti-virus detected a virus on the instalation of the software that came with my player.
Didn't put effort on checking how dangerous that virus was. I simply block it and still manage to complete the instalation.

Now, an appeal from a newcomer to everybody: let's all contribute rather than just come to these forums and take whatever we need.
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Postby -=uber*1337=- » Tue Jun 05, 2007 2:16 am

I am SO glad I found someone else with this device.
I hope you guys reply to this post.
I have this same device that I bought off eB@y.
I was loving it until that fateful day, I turned it on and got an hourglass.
As those who own one of these know, The hourglass is displayed for a short time, then a little animation, then the device is at its main menu.
Well, I could not get it to leave the hourglass screen unless I spent an hour plugging it into the computer, taking the battery out, and trying to reset it.
The plugging it into a computer thing worked about 2 times, then nothing.
I turn it on and get an hourglass.
I noticed that when I plug it in, a firmware flashing program I have recognizes it as an MP4 player.
I was wondering if any of you guys could help me, first of all by posting firmware, second of all by walking me through what you think I should do.
I speak very good english(perfect score on the State standardized Grammar test) and am willing to pay if you can help me get it working again.
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I have same player & its stopped working :-(

Postby scatwell » Wed Aug 01, 2007 3:50 pm

I think I may have same player (it looks exactly the same & has MP4 Digital player in the same style, which was sold to me on eBay (from Hong Kong) as 2GB but turned out to be 1GB (it had been hacked I think). It stopped working after 3 days & I need to find out firmware version for it.
Would be really grateful if someone with a working player could check their player settings for this. Also, if anyone would be kind enough to use the s1clone tool from http://www.s1mp3.de to create a raw image of the flash chip. Would be best to back up all data onto your PC, then delete everything on player flash disk otherwise file created would be HUGE!!

For info, my flash memory chip is Samsung 1GB, part no starts K9G8G..
smaller chip in middle of player is AK1022, and there is a tiny (5mm x5mm) chip near top of board SPT SP3767AHN 07DS94

Writing on case at front on top of screen is MP4/WMA/REC/AMV, with the MP4 DIGITAL PLAYER logo at bottom of screen .
Please let me know if anyone can help get full firmware file for it, flash image, or even just firmware version.

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