A ministry of sound mp3 player mp085.

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A ministry of sound mp3 player mp085.

Postby spacehop » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:45 pm

ello all,, new ere,, but not new to technology. i have this player,,,have had it a while, worked for a while and not workinf for a while, then back to working agen,,,, anyways,,, ive still got it, ive tried all the possible combinations of trying to get firmware back on,, but seems like the flash is damaged,, when it tries to format it (could not format block 0x056565 etc,, and then once thats done itll say cant read from specific device...... the player is now a adfu server waitin for some commands, no screen is lit up,, so i take it that all is clear on the flash, looked at the pins of the chip an they seem fine, just read that this clone dont work with the atj2097n chip,, plus ive tried plenty of fws and bins.

Coments welcome

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