my not so well known s1mp3 player :)

Post here if you have this device. Let's unite! Let's know each other! :)

my not so well known s1mp3 player :)

Postby DarkTempo » Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:34 am

Ok i found this one (i probably shouldn't say this :-") on the street (probably thrown out a window :P)

When i first tested it it was a total mess (nothing happened).
Whatever i eventualy got it to work as a pen drive using this firmware LSD_ATJ2091N_18V_A1_SSD1784(LS) (in case someone else has a wreck like this around :) ) (it's got a nice 1 GB memory)

Now to the point
It seems to be sold by a company called allfine
The chip is ATJ2091N
memory chip is: Hynix HY270T088G2M
It has FM tunner chip
Board ID: AT91-002FC V 01
2006 08 31

I'm stil looking for firmware to eneble it to play, or the original firmware. I'll keep you posted (i'll eventually get kicked by google :-")

I will eventualy return with photos of it's "intestines"

See ya

Oh and bythe way nice to meet you all guys, nice frum you've thrown up here

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