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Some ideas

Postby Pimped » Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:16 pm

Hey there chaps and chapettes! lol

I was just wondering if we could get our hands on the samsung flash memory chips and use them in place of our old ones to give us bigger memory?

For example on my board, i have a 1gb chip (which was a hacked one showing 4gb) but above it at a 90 degree angle, are unused pins allowing me the option to add another flash chip. do you think that the firmware would recognise that i have got first of all a new flash chip to replace the old one and then will it also be able to recognise the addition of the new chip?

Just wondering.

Also, i am in desperate need of a 9.0.50 full firmware coz i broke my player by using the stupid 9.0.48 that came on the disc supplied.

Who do i need to contact to see if i can help them speed up the process? I am good with java and have done a little c# programming.

Thanks in advance and please dont be afraid to post your comments and thoughts.... and any help for my problem! lol

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Postby Pimped » Mon Mar 05, 2007 6:53 pm

Was just wondering..... why cant we get access to the firmwares that the manufacturers use?

I mean im sure there must be a way of getting in touch with the manufacturers and getting hold of the firmwares or even better the source code.

any comments?
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