Recommend S1 player: Variable Tempo, A-B Repeat?

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Recommend S1 player: Variable Tempo, A-B Repeat?

Postby gmailneal » Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:49 pm


I have a Mach Speed Trio 256mb, which we use to teach dance classes. I really use the tempo Rate adjust - +-8 steps, from 80% to 100% to 120%. Having lots of rate steps is really important.

Unfortunately, the higher capacity Trio's don't have tempo adjust anymore.

Lots of the other S1 players have a very limited adjust, like 67% and 80%. That's way too ********.

I wish I could find a 2-4GB player with both the 16 step tempo adjust and A-B repeat. Having a bigger more readable display wouldn't hurt either.

I'm tempted to see if I could buy a 2GB Trio and put the old 256MB firmware in it?

Suggestions? If I could find a good solution, our non-profit might buy a bunch of them.

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