Computer can't load file to MP3., Please help!

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Computer can't load file to MP3., Please help!

Postby DanTran » Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:18 am

Help me!
I bought a used MP4 MP3 4GB player brand" ME2" from Internet . it works only with the radio .
I need some helps because it not works properly. I mean Everytimes I connect it to the computer the icon show up with " USB DEVICE NOT
RECOGNIZED " I checked the file in "MY COMPUTER" also show up nothing!
Note:.....The USB is still working fine with other memory card.but somehow it doesn't load into this MP3?
MY Firmware version is;
LG MP3 Player
2007/01/12 ACT_V9.0.50

Anyone has experienced with this...please help me to fix it up.
Thankyou in advance!
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